About us

About us

OÜ Sõbra Kinnisvara is a Tartu-based company that develops and manages real estate. Its success story started more than ten years ago in 2003, when Ergo Mõttus, the company’s owner and current director, sealed the deal on his first real estate transaction at Karlova district on Sõbra street.

What started out as a conventional real estate brokerage firm has become a company that makes investments into apartment buildings and deals with the day-to-day management of the objects acquired.

In short, the goal of Sõbra Kinnisvara is to offer its customers the best value for their money.

Real Estate under management:

• Kalevi tn 95
• Kalevi tn 111
• Tähe tn 85
• Vanemuise tn 65
• Vaba tn 6
• Tiigi tn 82
• Tiigi tn 84
• Võru tn 44
• Võru tn 54
• Võru tn 56
• Raatuse tn 107
• Kastani tn 27
• Kastani tn 29
• Kastani tn 31
• Kastani 38
• Kastani 48c
• Kesk tn 15 Elva linn